Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pegawai Keselamatan UTM yang KASAR

This is what happen to me today...i am going to post this to the Authorities but i dont know the way....can any1 tell me?? Bahasa abit broken, bc wrote in few mins...dengan perasaan geram...

Kepada sesiapa yang berkenaan,

Pada 26March2009, 12:15am, saya balik lewat daripada luar kampus disebabkan saya memerlukan internet untuk menghabiskan tugasan saya. Apabila saya memasuki kawalan keselamatan, pengawal yang bertugas yang saya tidak tahu namanya menghentikan saya dan mengarahkan saya untuk scankan matrik card saya.

Ketika saya menunggu untuk sampai giliran saya, saya ternampak dia melepaskan beberapa pelajar Antarabangsa tanpa perlu scan matrik cardnya. Saya pun pergi ke depan dan Tanya dia kenapa mereka tidak perlu scan matrik card? Dia tanya saya adakah saya pelajar Antarabangsa? Saya kata bukan dan dia arahkan saya pergi scan matrik card dan saya pun pergi scan matrik card saya.

Di kaunter tersebut, saya pun tanya pengawai bertugas di pondok pada malam tersebut adakah UTM keluarkan notis bahawa pelajar Antarabangsa boleh balik lewat? Dan pegawai yang bertugas dalam pondok tersebut menjelaskan kepada saya dengan baik kenapa pelajar Antarabangsa tidak discankan. Saya puas hati dengan perangan pegawai tersebut kerana dia cuba menjelaskan apa yang terjadi dan apa boleh saya buat.

Dan tiba-tiba, pengawal keselamatan yang bertugas di jalan tadi datang dan bercakap KUAT KUAT dengan pagawai yang bertugas dalam pondok, dia kata, scan saja la, dia bukan pelajar antarabangsa, nak balik lewat jadi pelajar antarabangsa la…apa pakai kerata….bla bla bla…saya terkejut dengan cara percakapannya dan saya pun terus balik ke kenderaan saya kerana saya takut dia tidak dapat mengawal emosinya.

Pertama: Saya cuba tanya mengenai kenapa pelajar antarabangsa tidak perlu discan dan kenapa ini pun akan menyingkung perasaan pegawai tersebut. Adakah saya sebagai pelajar dan pelanggan UTM tidak berhak mengetahui mengenai undang-undang yang ditetapkan?

Kedua: Kenapa seorang pegawai yang bertanggungjawab menjaga keselamatan tidak dapat mengawal emosi dan suka marah-marah pelajar/pelanggannya sahaja? Sedia maklum, setiap semester kita membayar untuk perkhidmatan keselamatan dan kenapa kita perlu bayar untuk dimarahnya?

Ketiga: Adakah pegawai keselamatan yang bermoody berhak menjaga keselamatan pelajar? Emosi saya terganggu disebabkan percakapnya yang kuat kuat. Adakah cakap dengan kuat sahaja sudah menetapkan semuanya? Dan juga percakapannya menunjukkan dia ada motif yang tidak baik terhadap saya. Inikah perangai yang sepatut ada pada pegawai keselamatan?

Keempat: Saya balik lewat dan saya tahu saya salah dan saya rela untuk scan matrik card saya. Tetapi saya rasa tidak adil kenapa saya kena scan matrik card saya tetapi sesetengah dilepaskan? Saya tidak puas hati punlah saya menanya sebab-sebab sahaja. Adakah saya tidak berhak membuat sebegitu?

Diharaplah pihak kuasa dapatlah meninjau terhadap masalah tersebut. Pegawal keselamatan itulah orang yang menjaga keselamatan kita.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cut Hair @@


This few days I can feel that my hair so hard to do up and very heavy…so today I decided go for a haircut. Due to the financial problem, no more Spark, I went to another cheaper Hair Saloon and just ask him to shorter my hair, without changing the style. ^^

While waiting, I have my lunch at OLD TOWN. U-mall old town not so nice la…

Old Town @ U Mall - outlook…


French Toast

And My new Hair style…feel like “See No Different” wakaka.

Short Behind, No more SAMAN inside UTM…yeah…^^

- Another nice movie

Kim Gary March Free Meal


Due to just finish the Geo Test yesterday, and my Kim Gary voucher will expired soon, and HY want buy his laptop bag, and it’s a bored Saturday without out-going, and as we want to relax…and…and…come out with plenty of reason for supporting us go to City Square for a movie and have a “window shopping”. Three guys, no girl, and City Square.

Weekend, as usual, City Square is full with Malaysian and Singaporean, ya, some are Bangladesh^^. The only relaxing method for us, or due to our specification, relax = watching a movie. This time, we choose due to TIME and not due to story outline. This is because we three have a dinner at DSI at 8pm. So, we need to watch a movie that toned with our time.

Due to TIME factor, the only movie that suit to us is . No one knows the outline, no one knows whether it is an action or romantic movie, the only one thing we know is – it’s a English Movie. ^^

It’s really a surprise for us. It’s really fantastic. We just have watched and undergoing comparison, I found that is more nice. I recommenced to you all ^^ I like the dialog : I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want, but if you don’t let my daughter go, I WILL FIND YOU, I WILL KILL YOU”…….”Good Luck”…….

Opps, before movie, we have our “High Tea” at Kim Gary – My favorite restaurant ^^

Toast @ Kim Gary

Kim Gary March Free Meal ^^

Below is the outline of :

Pierre Morel
Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Leland Orser, Anjul Nigam, Jon Gries
Genre: Action / Thriller

Former government operative Bryan Mills gives up his career to spend more time with his daughter Kim, who lives with Bryan’s ex-wife and her new husband. When Kim requests his permission to spend time in Paris with her friend Amanda, Bryan is weary of the dangers that could lie ahead for Kim in a foreign land. Bryan’s worst fears are realized when Kim and Amanda are suddenly abducted in broad daylight from the Paris apartment at which they’ve just arrived. Moments before Kim is dragged away by the unknown assailants, she manages to phone Bryan, who begins to expertly piece together clues that will take him to the darkness of Paris’s underworld, and to the City of Light’s plushest mansions. He will face nightmares worse than anything he experienced in black ops–and let nothing and no one stop him from saving his daughter. >

Happy Birthday To Joe and Alvin

Happy Birthday To Joe&Alvin


Today is Joe and Alvin’s birthday. Last two days, Joe’s girlfriend, Grace has planned to give them a surprise. So, after the Geotechnic Test, we all gather at Mc-d without their awareness.

Grace called Joe and told him that her motorbike has broken down and need his help. For sure that time Joe and Alvin are having their dinner together at Taman University. So, both of them need to come to Mc-d together. Ya, 23 years old already, feel like a bit old. But what can do? Fight with the time? Haha … I still can’t accept that my attitude for that age. 23 suppose to be matured. But mine? Huh, still in age of 18…I think…

Well, happy birthday to both of them, have a nice moment in Mc-d….^^

今天是JA的生日。为了让他们有惊喜,G (J’s Girlfriend)早就安排了在今天考试后,大家一起去麦当劳聚合,为他们庆祝生日。。。



Yummy Yummy Bday Cake

Shu Ying and Me

Bee and Me

Ping and Pin

Where am I??

Friday, March 20, 2009

Extra-Ordinary Power? WHO AM I?

This few day I can feel that I have a power. It’s a special power. When I looking at someone, I wonder to know what he’s thinking now? What’s his feeling when doing that particular movement? Why he want to do that? Plenty of questions flooding my brain…

May be now is the exam period, I start to think something that is not so logic, or maybe I start want to know about someone’s mind so that I can be the “GOOD” person in their heart? Or maybe I am provided with some extra –ordinary power? Haha.



Thursday, March 19, 2009

A friend in need, A friend indeed???

My Little Shark is Sick

Well, actually I can feel the illness of my car yesterday. It’s seen not so smooth to start over. Some more, I need to push the oil inject then it only can be started. Fluke is smell less (Malang tidak berbau…)

This morning, after I do up myself for class, suddenly my car can’t start. All of my friends arrive the class already, some skip the class…haha… Normally I will be the last one who arrive the class…No choice, I have to walk to class. Walao, when I arrive to the class, the lecturers haven’t come yet, or maybe he doesn’t want to come to class? Who know? So, I quickly packed up my thing and ask SOMEBODY fetch me back to my room so that I can take my car to Car Shop for checking…

Manatau, what he reply me you know? He said: You Sendiri Jalan Balik lah…Ya, maybe for him just like kidding, but for me, in that situation, really an awful word to me.

Huh, really a hurt word during I need someone help. I need someone help then I ask someone, but if you think that I am not reserve for your help, and then throw me other reason but not this. I am begging him, but what I gain? The reality of the human being, the true face of a “friend”. Yes, I can just like some people that don’t want drive his car and maybe ask other go to his blok for discussion, I can just like somebody that very care about petro, I can just like others that everything so KIRA with you, and yet, I also can like somebody always TUMPANG other vehicle although he own a transport. But I didn’t. I just want you help me when I am in trouble, and the probability of I’m in trouble is 0.0001. Haiz, friend… I am student too…don’t expect too much on me. Me poorer than you.

So, I walk back to my room and ask Ben and Andrew help me charge my car, thanks to them, and then I drive my car to Seri Puteri for chacking. Battery spoiled already, on other alternative except replace a new one. On choice, it is written by HIM today. RM150. Me Pok Kai already…

Just to express my feeling, not to point anybody. ^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

《Listen To My Music》《听·乐》螺丝钉2009年第十三届大型发表会




主题:《Listen To My Music》《听·乐》
地点:Rumah Alumni
票价:RM 10 (如需要交通另加RM1)
联络:Grace: 016-7953140


Do you all know about ?
Yeah, they are a group in UTM of those who love and enjoy music.
In this coming 13 of April, they will have their
"BIG CONCERT" at our Rumah Alumni. Hope you all can join this event to support our friends ^^ Yeah~

Date: 13 April 2009
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: Rumah Alumni
Ticket Price: RM10, for those who need transport, additional RM1 will be charged
Contact: Grace, 016-7963140
We Chian, 013-7030597
How Wei, 016-5158631

Hope will see you there, thanks ^^Your support is an energy for THEM

Monday, March 16, 2009

我一定要说的话 - 减肥


其实每个人 减肥的方法都不同。不同的人拥有不同的体质对不同的减肥方式都有不同的效果。有句话说得很对,不要因为要瘦而减肥,因为很多时候你会在没有任何的期望下瘦 下来的。比如说从我上面的经验,你会发现到我都没有在纪录我每天是否有没有瘦多少公斤,因为如果你太在意你的体重,那么就很难瘦下来!


世界上没有任何东西没有经过努力就会得到的。所以别单单相信只是吃减肥药就可以完全瘦下来。如果真得想要瘦,那么就请你要运动。减肥最重要还是运动。我吃减肥药其实是帮助我的减肥过程更加快~ 我相信如果我单靠减肥药肯定不能在这么短时间完成我的减肥过程。




从最胖到瘦的经历过程(Left To Right) Picture 1


Picture 3

Picture 4


阿滨教瘦(经验分享125公斤到69公斤)(大结局) - 谢谢大家支持^^




每一天,我自己一个人去我们那儿的公园,Taman Golf跑步。我选择在下午4点太阳当空的时候去跑步,因为我害怕大家对我的眼光。我害怕大家取笑我。害怕大家取笑我一个大肥仔在跑步~ 每次跑步我都很害怕看到人。。。



妈妈终于发 现到了我的努力,也看到了我在一个月里面得到的成果并不是很多,所以,通过它的朋友,他介绍了我吃减肥药。。。我服用了减肥药,体重真的是“突飞猛退”, 当时的我也是没有去纪录,因为我自己也没有想到我真的会瘦下来啊。(因为之前尝试服用过其它的减肥产品都没有效用,所以都没有怎么相信减肥药)




过了一段日子感觉到每次要去游泳都是要找人,好像求人这样,很不喜欢这样的感觉。所以最后决定自己一个人去游泳。。。果然,效果真得很好。每天游泳1个小时,non-stop的那种。差不多一个月半(这个我有记录,因为这个时候我开始把心得写下来- 2006510 日)体重终于是80公斤。总共瘦了45公斤。。。那个时候的我,很明显的看到真的瘦下来了。算一算我的BMI,以我的体高182cm,现在的我真的是标准了。其实除了游泳外,我还有玩瑜伽,摇呼拉圈,还有Sit-up。每天都是如此。。。以亚洲人的标准,我的体重还是要76公斤才能算标准。所以咯,我还要努力~~~







幸运的是我 在我头发掉落的不是很严重的时候开始慢慢的停药。一个星期一个星期的慢慢的把我的减肥药服用的成分满满的减少。。。在加上在大学里面因为没有游泳池,所以 每天下午都是在跑步。吃也是吃很少。。。。就这样慢慢的坚持下,自己也开始的慢慢的习惯了没有服食药物了。。。

现在,2009314日。我现在的体重是69公 斤。没有服食任何的减肥药物,每天都在跑步保持着自己的身材。。。也很满意自己现在的身体。。。我觉得很幸运的是我在减肥药的副作用还没有完全的伤害我 前,我及时拔掉了吃减肥药的隐。其实我相信你要求一样东西,那么你就会失去一样东西。因为这个世界。上帝对每个人都是公平的。



Saturday, March 14, 2009







当时我真得很失望,因为想不到我会有这样的一天。新年裤子都只是去大尺寸的服装店买了44寸的超普通的牛仔裤。新年过后,我知道我真的不可以这样下去了,我觉得如果我还不努力的话,如 果我去了大学的时候,给大家看到我这样胖胖的样子。。。如果我再不减肥的话,那么就真的很多女子会因为我的身材而拒绝我。。。如果我工作的时候还是这样的 肥肥样子,那么会有公司要我么?。。。如果。。。脑海里浮出了很多如果如果。。。所以,就在华人新年后,我立下心来,决定要减肥!



Friday, March 13, 2009


之前答应38 Bell说要把我从125公斤减到69公斤的减肥经验告诉她,最近都比较忙,所以没有时间写,今天终于把一部分的东西弄好了!乘现在有时间,快点把我的promise完成~~~









我像杨宗伟么?Am I Look Like This Taiwan Singer??


Happy Black Friday to all of you.

Today, when I was enjoying my picture gallery, haha, there are thousands of pictures in my computer memory…huh =.= ^^
Suddenly, I saw a picture that make me feel weird… How come arr? Just look like a Taiwan Singer which is “aging” … Am I just look like him? Tell me…^^ Actually the picture was taken quite a long time…that time i am having a short hair ^^




Below is the picture that took at the same day ^^

Mr Taiwan Singer ( For compare …wakaka)

Yeap, It's Inside UTM ^^

Yoyoyo, me now start promoting Our UTM to all STPM student....Have a look, actually UTM is a nice place for u^^ lolz...The place is use for "Kayak"...

大学生涯最重要的决定Finally Make an Important Decision for My University Life

大学生涯最重要的决定Finally Make an Important Decision for My University Life


今天下午,刚刚看完了《学警》打算要来个小休息然后就去跑步,怎么知道刚刚入眠的时候,我朋友YM突然打电话来,很紧张的告诉我,我们Final Year Projectlecturer要见我们,他要确定我们是否跟他做他的project。二话不说,赶快起身换个裤子,就上车飞过去他的办公室。在他的房间和他讨论了很久,终于决定了我们的题目是“The behavior of confined concrete columns using metal straps subjected to concentric load”。虽然不是很懂是什么东东,但是,感觉到自己好像已经作了一个人身很大的决定。早上才和朋友讨论不懂要拿什么题目,下午就来了一个决定。可能这个决定会影响我的一生。。。希望我可以好好的发挥我的能力,把握时机,把我的project弄到最好!

Today, while I was sleeping in my hostel after watching drama, suddenly my friend, YM called me. He tensely tells me that our PSM lecturer wants to see us for confirming the Title for our Final Year Project. Huhs =.= , this morning I was just discussed with my friends about the Title, this afternoon the Lecturer wants to see us. Really “It Is Written”.

Yap, I will doing my Final Year Project with En Abdullah Zawawi which the title is about “The behavior of confined concrete columns using metal straps subjected to concentric load”. I do hope that I have made a right decision and hoping I will do well in this Project. Below is the proven that I am his Project’s student…haha…


Well, second incident. Today, while I am having lunch with my friends in “Sheng Yuan Restaurant”, Taman University. Walao, I kena SAMAN… this is the fourth saman I “kena” while I am in Johor Bharu…I am not going to bother it.
P/s: actually I am collecting the SAMAN..wakaka…

最后,纯粹照片分享,今天在Environment Laboratory时拍的~ ^^

Lastly, today our group doing the Environment Laboratory – Alkalinity. Nothing much to say about it, just a picture sharing. Feel like DOCTOR nia…haha…

Thursday, March 12, 2009


流汗的男人最性感? ^^


今天是星期三,Entertainment Day。但是因为没有人约(可怜到~)所以就自己一个人在宿舍里面看戏睡觉和跑步!跑步已经成了我的习惯了,如果你是工大生的话,差不多每天五点半开始,你就会看到我在Kolej 12那条大道上,为了我的目标,努力的运动^^不多说,马上给你们看照片^^

A Translation to My friends ^^

Title: The Perspiration Men…Sexy Moment ^^

Today is Wednesday, yes, it is an entertainment day. Pity me no one appointed me for shopping, so, staying at my room, sleeping, watching drama and jogging at the afternoon. Jogging just like my daily routine, it is a must in my life. If you are UTM student, I am sure you will see me everyday noon, 5.30 pm, jogging around the Kolej 12 there. Just do it for realizing my target – keep fit …^^



Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Special Thanks To My Friends ^^

Thanks for the Homebred Food

After the four days holiday, today everything back to normal. Wake up in the 7.50 in the morning, tidy up myself in 5 minutes; go to class at 7.55 am, reaching the class exactly 8am. Haha…

All of the “homesick” friends are back to University yesterday or just before the class. Emaciation is shown in their face…may be due to long journey of bus? Or maybe the Air-Asia service not satisfied. The happening is they bought me some local food. Yeah… thanks to HY and DaKun. HY gives me Ipoh local biscuit which I don’t know what its name, while DaKun gives me Terengganu local bun, named Little Bun (小面包). They all are so delicious, thanks ya, from the bottom of my heart. Your regard is received. ^^Love You…haha

Biscuit from HY - anyone who what this biscuit calleD?

Little Bun from DaKun …favor-Butter ^^

p/s: Now starting to write blog about my diet experience from 125 kg to 68 kg ^^ Don’t Miss It ya ^^ (Specially to Bell ^^).

Travel Ocity Rather than Themes Park, Genting

Another nice place rather than First World, Genting

Last few weeks my laptop was infected by some graveness viruses which are undetectable and yet, undeletable. So, the only solution is FORMAT it. Format laptop is just as simple as eating peanut for me, but that day, I having test of Steel Design in the next morning. As a good and responsible student again, haha, I try to separate out my heart into two; one for studying and one for formatting. That day really a hard cheese to me… I accidentally formatted the drive d:/ that I use for backing up all my pictures, data, music, and others information. Really sad to me cause I didn’t do any other backup rather than keeping it in my drive d:/. What can do? The expert also has no idea to recover my data…

Yesterday, I recall that I did have uploaded some of my pictures to The Photobucket. Without any moment, immediately I log in into my Photobucket and download all the pictures that I uploaded before. Here I want to share with you is during the Chinese New Year last two months, me and my family went to Genting Highland for CNY and my grandmother’s birthday.

I believe most of the teenager will also focus on Genting First World Theme Park or Indoor Theme Park during their vacation to Genting Highland right? Actually, beside that themes park, there are other relaxation places also located in the “mountain”. Well, the problem is “How to get there?” Don’t worry, our Uncle Lim sure did think about it for us. Just at the main door of Highland Hotel, even First World hotel, you will see many vans that parked at the side. Actually those vans are employed to fetch us to the “Half Way of Genting’s Mountain”. Haha. I really have no idea on what words should be used for that. Taking you about 5 minutes, you will be arrived that location free of charge. Here comes the picture I took that day…enjoy ^^

p/s: Really thanks to Photobucket ^^

Ya, nice air, nice vew, nice nice nice.

Grand sight of “GuanYin“

“EightGod Cross Sea” haha. Me and Mommy

I like this view the most ^^

“Fo Luke Shou”

Another Buddha. ( From left to right : My YoungBro Lee Hoong XUan, My Cousin Tan Wan Thing, Me and My cousin, Lao Chee You)

If you are tired, you can rest in the lobby where sofa are provided. My grandmother felt asleep here while waiting for us. haha.